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Crylick (Pronounced like Acrylic like the paint just without the A)
Crylick are dark dragon like creatures that live in a place called The Rift and travel back and forth from The Rift to Earth.
The Crylicks
Crylicks are dragon like creatures that live both in The Rift and on Earth as well. The Crylicks refer to their home world as The Rift due to the way that they come and go from there dark shadowy home. The Crylicks all come with the ability to open rifts kind of like a big swirly purpley black portal that they can use to get back and forth from The Rift to Earth. They don't just use there Riftal powers to travel back and forth from The Rift to earth but can use it to get from one place to another. So let's say your Crylick is on one side of the street and they want to get to the other side but theres traffic and they hurt their wings so they can't fly, well all they would have to do is open up a small rift and walk through it and SHAMWOW you're on the other side of the street. But if they were to use it in a situation like that it would be for emergency reasons only because after the use of their powers to open a small rift it takes a large amount of energy from them. The Crylicks can activate there Riftal powers even when they aren't using them to open a rift. When they activate there Riftal powers there markings glow even brighter and a purple blue aura around their eyes and hands. When a Crylick has activated its Riftal powers the energy can either be used to open a rift or to attack another Crylick or creature. The energy that they use is very strong and if one Crylick was to slash another Crylick with its claws while it had this energy activated it would make the wound deeper and cause more pain to the receiver of the blow. This takes less energy than opening a rift but after a while of fighting using Riftal powers it will give you a very tired and drained feeling. The Crylicks have 2 different body types; there are the Thin and the Stubby Crylicks. The Thin Crylicks are like Nikki. Which is to say that they are VERY skinny and elongated! They have lonnngg tails and large and wide flight capable wings. There ribs are ever present even tho they are well fed!!! They are very strong and very fast and agile! They are also known to have longer ears and fingers and necks. They have a tendency to live in the canopy but every now and then they will live in the hills. Now for the Stubby Crylicks! The Stubby Crylicks are ground/tree dwellers. They are shorter and burlier than the Thin Crylicks. They are known for having short ears or dino ears. They often burrow in the hilly areas but every now and then they will make their home in the canopy. Also Stubby Crylicks are flightless!!!! And they are flightless in both The Rift and on Earth.

Crylicks on earth!
Crylicks were first introduced to planet Earth when one Crylick discovered that it could use its Riftal powers to travel farther than just across its own planet and so after it returned to The Rift it shared its knowledge of Earth and how to open a big enough rift to travel to earth. At first people figured the Crylicks were trying to invade and take over the earth and scientists captured several Crylicks and tested on them and even killed some of them to observe everything about these invaders. The Crylicks discovered that they could communicate with the humans by using telepathy and so they were able to tell the humans of their peaceful intentions which led to the Crylicks being able to freely come and go from The Rift to Earth as they pleased. The Crylicks have a different form on Earth that they do in The Rift. EARTHEN FORM
And the earthen one isn't a humanoid form! It's a MUCH smaller form and is usually about 6- 15 feet long form snout to tail tip. They have muscular arms and legs that end in points and have very tiny thin stick fingers on them! The norm is 5 fingers for the hands and 4 toes and a dew claw for the feet. But you can have more or less if you like! There height can be up to 8 feet at eyelevel (if they were to stand up) They have VERY small horns in this form and their horns on earth mirror there Riftal horns! The same goes for the body shape and tail length and ear and wing size! Everything is basically down sized when on the earth! They keep the markings they have in Riftal form even when there on earth. In earthen form they have tinyish wings when walking or resting and can enlarge and expand their wing size when they wish to fly. If the Crylick is stubby and flightless in the rift the same goes for on earth! Humans like the Crylicks and many have them as companions! They can communicate with humans through telepathy and with grunts and growls and roars when in the rift. (Note that humans can't enter the rift!)
What's the difference between the Riftal form and the earthen form you ask? Well here's an explanation! They are only able to be in Riftal form while in the Rift it's self. When in the Rift they are able to communicate with each other through grunts growls roars and other things of that sort that serve as there language. When they exit the Rift and they go onto earth they morph into their earthen form which is considerably smaller. The earthen forms can be anywhere from the size of a horse to as small as a house cat. They are still very skinny and elongated in this form and there are physical changes besides just size. The horns get much smaller and the ears get bigger/longer (if they have external ears that is) there wings get smaller when not in use (they expand and stretch to be able to support the weight of the Crylick) if the Crylick was "stubby" in the Rift then they are also stubby on earth and flightless as well. As for their hands they have VERY thin "stick" like fingers they are very sharp at the end and are good for clawing someone's eyes out or for trying to get into a stubborn package of skittles that has been given to them by a human companion. Crylicks in the earthen forms are able to contact and befriend humans with telepathy and often have human companions. Their heads are smoother and more roundish in this form and they are usually very quick and flexible. There powers can be used at any time. This includes both the Riftal and power that you have chosen for your Crylick. If you still have questions please address me and I shall happily answer them for you!

Crylick powers!
So besides the Riftal powers you are allowed to pick 1 power for your Crylick to have. PLEASE BE ORIGIONAL WITH THIS! I don't mind if someone has shadows or darkness and then someone else gets that power to but I don't want 50 people with the same power! Also if you are gonna have a power that someone else has please put your own twist on it! Like let's say someone has a shadow power that lets there Crylick make shadow pancakes and eat them, then don't make a Crylick that makes yummy shadow pancakes! HAVE SOME ORIGONALITY PEOPLE!!! Make your Crylick be able to make shadow pound cake or something! XD

Crylick details
Crylicks have very long sharp claws! The nails have ridges in them and are strong enough to cut through steel they can only cut through metals like that if they are super pissed or scared ect. AND ONLY WHEN USEING RIFTAL POWERS! And I have also decided that once a Crylick has left The Rift and come to earth they have to reconnect a mental link with The Rift and strenghin it in order to use their Riftal powers on Earth and also to be able to create a rift back to The Rift. Once on Earth it can be quite a bit difficult to reconnect to The Rift and some Crylicks can't reconnect at all leaveing them stranded on Earth. Each Crylick reconnects with The Rift in their own way. Such as...
Getting lost in good memorys about their familys or loved ones
A need or purpous to get back home ( hatchlings to take care of, siblings to look after)
Ect ect.
Also When using their Riftal powers on earth the Crylicks energy drains FAST! So if they are making a trip to The Rift then they are A OK! But if they are useing their Riftal powers to cut into a vault for some cash they probably wont have enough energy to get away before the cops show up! They have thumbs on their front hands and have the option of a dew claw or a big toe for the back feet. Crylicks have small horns that are ALWAYS shorter that the ears! (In earthen form the horns are even smaller) But the horns are allowed to be whatever you wish them to be. A Crylicks markings are bioluminescent and glow 24/7. There markings are the same in Riftal form as they are in earthen form! The Crylicks pupils are WHITE! There are different types of pupils and they are shown in the Crylick details picture in the group. Crylicks tongues are striped! As in there is one of the marking colors and then black and then a marking color and then black sort of deal. Also the only spikes are the ones on the elbow and the heel! THERE ARE NO SPIKES GOING DOWN THE BACK OR ON THE TAIL, WINGS, OR FACE! (Besides the horns that is) If there are any spikes or sort on a tail or something then it is considered a birth defect and if you want something of that sort it must first be approved by me!!!! If you see my personal Crylick Nikki she has a little wispy energy thing coming out of the end of her tail, it is a result of scientific experimentation and IS NOT PART OF THE SPECIES!
Also Crylick blood is a shiny whiteish opalesent color which is almost like liquid mother of pearl. It has little hits of purples and blues when the light hits and reflects off it. There blood thickness is about he same of ours so it splatters and dripps just like ours does. Also because of this that means if a Crylick blushes that their cheeks/ face get a bit of a lighter color. Also all scars will be a milky whiteish color.

Male Crylicks!
Male Crylicks are larger than the females and are a bit stockier and broader chested than the females but other than that there isn't much of a difference between them besides the level of territoriality and aggressiveness and the tone of their rawrs and growls and grunts.

Crylick markings
Dark Grey
Dark blue/ Dark Navy Blue
Dark purple
Dark green
As for the marking colors they may be whatever you please and the markings can be whatever you want. You may have up to 3 marking colors but no more!!!! Any more then 3 marking colors will be EXTREAMLY rare and I wont be allowing thoes.
Note that I am a religious person and as such I will NOT be allowing ANY form of Satanic markings on any Crylicks. If you got a problem then go to a diffrent species.

Crylick mateing...
Wellllll umm... *cough cough* this is gonna be kind of weird to think up <0_o>"
So I guess they would kind of do it like other animals do it but the female can purge the egg /eggs from her system if they have been fertilized and she doesn't want to be a mommy yet. They will usually leave the unwanted eggs out in the open where they stop dividing and developing and die within about 10-15 mins. MOVEING ON!

Crylick babies!
Crylicks lay eggs and usually have only 1 egg per mateing season but occasionally will have 2. Since the Crylicks are intelligent beings like you and I they really don't follow the "mateing season" rule and just do it as they please. Crylick younglings usually stay with their parents until they are able to fend for themselves properly so usually about 15-17 years or so. A Crylicks life span is usually about 90 Sun cycles or 170 human years.

The Rift
The Rift is a dark world with a purple sun and dark purple grasses and fields that are lightly hilled and that has a large purpley pink river that runs all across there planet. The Rift is also home to a large dark forest. The plants in this forest are all black or dark navy blue or a very dark purple. The forest is very dark and very large. The light from there dark sun only penetrates the canopy layer in the forests and if one was to go to the forest floor there would be no light from the sun its self. Since The Rift is so dark and colorless the creatures pick up the slack in the color department. The creatures that inhabit The Rift are very Bioluminescent and are just as deadly and vicious as they look. The forests are filled with Silts, Silts are sort of like slugs with 5 or 6 eyes that move around on its body, and 1 large eye will shrink and trade spaces with one of the smaller eyes that will grow taller as it takes on the previous large eyes spot. The trail that the Silts leaves behind is acidic and burns the leaves and plants it happens to slither over and is harmful to most of the creatures that live in The Rift. Besides the Silts there are Greals which are 3 eyed bat creatures that feed on the blood of the other creatures that live in The Rift. There are also creatures called Dreks. Dreks are the equivalent to the wolves in the Rift and have been known to feed on young Crylicks... Their faces look they have skulls placed on their heads and there isn't a present nose. But despite this they have an amazing sense of smell! They have forward facing bat like ears and two tongues as well as to sets of razor sharp teeth! They can hunt solo or in packs and are very vicious and very fast. There are few Crylicks that have Dreks for pets and they are very difficult to tame or befriend. On the rare occasion an abandoned baby Crylick may be adopted by a pack of Dreks and raised by them. In the rivers there are these large sea anemones like creatures that are a bright pinky color and are big enough to take swallow a large Crylick. They have long tentacles that have eyes in the end of them but the eyes don't open unless the creature is provoked. They usually are very tolerant and only eat the particles on the aquatic creatures that live in and around them. But if they are provoked they will open there large mouths and swallow whatever it is that is antagonizing them. Another one of the many creatures that inhabit the waters are bone like fish called "Flims" Flims are very thin and deep sea creature looking things that look as if there nothing more than skin stretched over bones. Then at the bottom of the deep rivers is a large eel/leviathan like creature called "The Unknown" and is feared by all the creatures of The Rift. One of the second most feared water creatures is called the Rin. The Rin are very mermaid like but with a sadistic twist they are also the second most intelligent life form besides the Crylicks. They have no mouth and blank eyes and they will beckon you towards them. Once you'r up close their skin splits to form a scary looking mouth and by then you'r screwed. They will drag you to the bottom of the river and drown you and then feast on your flesh. Now back to the land creatures! XD There is a very dark and shadowy creature called the "Krill" They are very fierce and are the equivalent to our big cats. They have blank eyes and there body's look as if they are made of shadowy gasses and there seems to be some sort of shadowy mist coming off of their body. They are usually solitary hunters but will hunt together when times get rough. They can be tamed but it is a super rare thing.
A new addition to the Crylick world is the desert. The Riftal desert has blue sands with strips of white sand ribboning throught them , giving it the appearence of a great ocean.

Oh also if you guys wanna have a little bit of a visual of what a Riftal portal looks like when one is opend. Well they kinda look like this
Just not as big and they don't warp the areas around them. Or if you want another visual thats kinda cool , then if youv'e ever watched the Avengers movie then think of the portal that the aliens come throught. Thats a better way the think of them than the picture I gave you to look at XD Cept instead of beaing blue they are a more purpley color.
Also you may have up to 6 Crylicks only!
Crylicks are currently a OPEN Species
Please let me know before you make one!!
If you don't want to make your own you can get one by buying an adoptable or buying a custom from me for 300 points !!!
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I am currently working with :iconbuhaaghule: To help clean up the group info and things of that nature and just in general makeing the group more functional and legit. It is still a real sort of mess but we are working on controlling the chaos! And I am makeing the new species info sheet for the Stubby and Desert Crylicks and I am working on the human form for them!

SO expect things to get rearanged and organized in the next few months or so!
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